lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Our Recycled Crafts

D-I-Y...Do it yourself!!!!
Students from sixth grade( bilingual group) have created easy projects from recycled materials: paper bags,plastic bottles,egg cartoons,cereal boxes...

Working in the classroom

Presenting our creative projects...

Game about bones, muscles and nervous system

This funny game has been created by Iván (bilingual group 6th).
Click here

Another game. It has been created by Fidel.
Click on the link

jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Lettuce galore!

 ¡Hemos recogido las primeras lechugas de nuestro huerto!

This is Pedro, nuestro maestro en prácticas. Click en la imagen si quieres entrar en el juego del reciclaje.

History games 2

This game has been created by Lorenzo ( Sixth grade, bilingual group). It's about the spanish kings of the Modern Age

Click on the link and enjoy a lot.

lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

St. Patrick's Day

Our projects!!!
Thanks teacher Isidoro for this great, funny,nice...POSTER!!!!

 Click on the links to learn more about this topic.


Who was Saint Patrick?

A short story


ST Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday celebrated all around the globe to honor the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.
Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated each year on
March 17th.

There are many traditions and symbols associated with St. Patrick's Day and Ireland. Here are a handful of the most popular practices.

St. Patrick used the shamrock to visually illustrate the concept of the Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).


So why do we all wear green?
Probably because you'll be pinched if you don't! School children started this tradition. Green is also the
color of spring, the shamrock, and is connected with hope and nature.

martes, 11 de marzo de 2014

A visit to Valencina's Dolmen



Dolmen: large standing stones supporting a larger horizontal stone, originally covered in earth or stone.

                                                                              Stone pestle and morter

                                                                                      pottery for cooking and storing food

lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Aquellos duros antiguos

Vale, no es inglés, pero seguro que no os arrepentís de verlo.
(Perdón por la calidad)

A game about planets

This game has been created by Iván T. and Iván M. from sixth grade.
Congratulations Students!!!!!
Click on the link if you want to review this topic. Enjoy a lot!!!

Another game about planets. It has been created by Paula (6th grade , Bilingual group).   Fantastic student ! Click here

miércoles, 5 de marzo de 2014

International Women´s Day March 8th


                                   WE ARE GIRLS! ITŚ OUR DAY

We want to keep our dreams big and our aspirations high


 Our works for WOMEN'S DAY